Canadian Cities For Business

Canadian Cities For Business
A look into the Vancouver downtown and snow mountain across the strait.

For better livability, the Economist has gone all over Canada and come up with the best livable city title several times, most recently in Vancouver (forthcoming) and Calgary (upcoming). For many people it’s easy to pick a favorite, or at least a favorite city, like Calgary. Calgary is sunny, laid back, and the entertainment scene is excellent. There’s also a thriving arts community. The city is a great place to raise children and is close to the Bow River and the Canadian Rockies for hiking and biking adventures.

The top five Canadian Cities by the way of this article are Hamilton, Burlington, Victoria, Kitchener, and Toronto. Which is right? Well, perhaps not; if you look at the most recent average incomes in the cities, you’ll see that some parts of Kitchener, Victoria, and Hamilton may actually be higher than some parts of Calgary. Maybe this is because of more affluent people moving to those cities and they have to work a little harder to make ends meet, but it’s worth looking into.

As far as the overall population is concerned, Canada has two of the largest cities in the world: Toronto and Montreal. While some believe that Kitchener is the fourth-largest city in all of Canada, the real answer may be Ottawa which is only 3.5% smaller than Toronto and has the third largest population. If we were to include the other three Canadian cities then the average would be four large cities in a total of ten. While some say that the differences between the largest cities in Canada are insignificant, I disagree because the differences between the smallest cities are noticeable and this difference should definitely be taken into consideration when comparing the populations of these large and small Canadian cities in relation to each other.

The best thing that I could conclude after doing all of this research is that the best way to determine the best place to open a Canadian company is by simply doing your research. Doing your research will show you what kinds of businesses and what industries are prevalent in your local area and in the rest of Canada as well. This will allow you to find out what companies are ready to do business in your area at what time and in the types of ways that they would be most interested in doing business with you. Some Canadian cities may have a high demand for certain types of products while others may have a low demand for those products. This information alone should allow you to establish what your target market is and therefore what line of products you should concentrate on. Once you have determined what your target market is then you can begin to develop a strategy to increase the amount of customers you are able to service.


When opening a company in one of the many Canadian cities such as Toronto, Kitchener or Hamilton, one of the first things that you should consider doing is establishing a presence in the community. The biggest mistake that I have seen many new entrepreneurs make is not having an office in the community. In order to be successful you need clients and potential customers that you can reach when they walk through the door. Having an office in a particular community increases your chances of being able to do this because you would be able to advertise your company in the community where you have a potential for success. Many Canadian cities have attractive faces and appealing streets so you really do have a lot of options in order to find clients.

These three Canadian cities are ideal for growing a business because the population is increasing. However, in addition to the population there are also a number of reasons why a city would choose to expand its business presence. Whether it is due to reaching a higher population, a more lucrative customer base or simply to improve the general condition of the city’s infrastructure the decision to expand should not be taken lightly.


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